Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gotta love Walmart

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What I find particularly interesting about this is how it relates to neo-conservative value systems. This strongly ties into the moral regulation of women, as well as the Madonna/Whore dichotomy, where women are seen as either 'good'- pure, asexual, like a mother or sister, or they are seen as 'bad' women, which is associated with sexual woman. I find it hard to imagine what reason they could possibly give for not allowing girls/women to have access to birth control.

This is having far reaching implications in the USA right now, where Obama's proposed health care changes are not going to cover abortions, and the Stupak Amendment ensures that federal funds are never used (even in private health care plans) to cover abortions unless the woman can prove that she was raped or the mother's life is in danger. And as much as Canadians tend to pride ourselves on health care, we are by no means safe from such changes. For example, my city (of 150,000 people) has only one abortion practitioner than I am aware of, and women often have to travel 4 hours to access to these services and cannot afford the expenses associated with travelling.

Really now, will the whole world fall apart if ALL women had access to birth control?

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  1. WalMart does provide access to women and men for birth control. They sell condoms right in the aisles and do provide birth control pills. If they do not provide the morning after pill then that might just be a decision by the company (eg, not that many people would purchase it).