Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a positive note about the olympics

I just wanted to quickly note that I am impressed that women are wearing the same clothes as men in most of the olympic sports that I have watched or seen clips of. Skiers, snowboarders, curlers, hockey players, speed skaters, lugers and bobsledders all seem to be wearing the same outfit regardless of whether they are competing as men or women. Not so much in figure skating though...

This is often not the case in the summer olympics. I wonder how much of this is because it is cold, and not just because the sports gear they do wear is more practical.


  1. I think it is because of the majority of the sports in the Winter Games being outdoors. The sports that are indoors such as the figure skating might have some difference. Some of the women in curling were wearing kilts, although speed skating and hockey didn't really have much differences in uniforms. You might see this happen in the 2012 games in London however, as both men and women in swimming were wearing the laser suits.

  2. when it comes to the summer olympics, I sometimes wonder if either men's or women's outfits are better for the particular sport... Uniforms are often chosen because they are most compatible with the sport, and I wonder if either has an advantage due to the outfits they are permitted to wear.