Monday, November 22, 2010

Airport security

This is an infographic on the evolution of airport security... I've only been on a plane once in the last decade, but I was scared that I would end up having to face some kind of security. I would rather take a bus than go through a scanner or face "pat down." I spent a few hours researching all of the rules about what I can carry on the plane and what I could not, and even printed and packed a list so I wouldn't get in trouble coming back... and all of this was for a 1 hour flight in which I never left Ontario.

But, my concern with this was made clear to me while I was listening to the radio in the car last week. There was a local radio show that was talking about the "pat downs" and their call-in question was with regards to which celebrity the callers would like to give an airport security pat down to. As much as airport security officials claim that it is not sexual to touch people's bodies in the name of safety, it is certainly invasive and the experiences of women who have been through it suggest that many of them felt violated.

TSA Gone Wild
Via: Criminal Justice DegreeTSA Gone Wild


  1. It's funny that what this document records as the first terrorist attack was actually performed by a right-wing pro-Batista group in Miami. Not only did the FBI cover up for the terrorists, they used the act to push through more security laws.

  2. Somehow, a google search for "skinny painted cats" (don't ask) led me to a page featuring "anti-scanner undies", which for some reason made me think of your blog, which I haven't read in a little while, and lo and behold, you also have been thinking about that airport scanner. It's a Celestine Prophecy moment...

    Link for travelers wishing to maintain their dignity: