Thursday, June 30, 2011

Credentialism infographic

It would be funny if it weren't so true.

job fails - Screw You
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Still, education doesn't necessarily find you a job, as the recent and upcoming graduates in my MA program would tell you. But then, we didn't major in mailroom sciences...


  1. For some reason, the cartoon forgets to add that the happy picture of "then" only refers to the possibilities open to men.

  2. Thanks for that comment... I was going to get into that too, but decided to make it a super short post instead (too much to do today to get ready for Pride) so i'm glad you brought it up!

  3. Also, "then" is generally a capitalist myth: if we all work hard enough (and the we excluded women, as Clarissa mentioned, and racialized minorities) then we can be whatever we want to be. A person in the mail room climbing to become CEO because of dedication and hard work is a core ideology of capitalism in North America even though it's a lie.

    [And hope you're having fun in Toronto at Pride. It's too bad QuAIA is absent as a contingent this year.]