Monday, September 26, 2011

Android app answers the age old question, "is your son gay?"

Ever wonder if your son is gay? Lucky for you, there is now an app for that!

It is only available in french, so here are the questions originally from this site, translated from google translate (I apologize if any of them aren't translated perfectly, my french is rusty!).

He likes to dress well, does it pay close attention to her outfits and brands?
He loves football?
Before birth, did you want a girl?
Has he been beaten or been involved in a brawl?
He reads the sports pages?
Does he have a best friend?
He loves team sports?
Is he discreet?
Is a fan of singers divas (Dalida, Mylène Farmer ...)?
Remain there long in the bathroom?
Does he have a piercing in the tongue, the arch, nose or ear?
Does it take him a long time to style his hair?
You ask yourself questions about the sexual orientation of your son?
Are you divorced?
He likes musicals?
Has he introduced you to a girlfriend?
The father is very authoritarian to his son?
In family relations, indicating there be a certain absence of the father?
In his childhood, he was rather shy and quiet?
Does he get along with his father?

Can't they be more original than using all of the parent-blaming stereotypes... like, if he's gay, it must be the absent father or the authoritarian father, or the mother who wanted a girl...

And of course, the gender inversion stereotypes... because all gay men (and no straight guys) take a long time to do their hair, are concerned about clothing, like musicals, and are obsessed with "diva" singers!

I have a novel concept... if you are wondering if your son is gay, think about whether it actually matters! Or ask him! Or make sure you provide a safe space so he can tell you when he's good and ready to!

Now, let's wait for the "Is your daughter a lesbian" list to come out... I wonder what that one will look like? Does she wear flannel and/or plaid button front shirts? Does she own at least one pair of doc martens? Does she make out with women for reasons other than to entertain hetero men?

Fuck these lists... being queer is not about clothing or hair, it is about attraction and sexuality. Enough with the stereotypes already.


  1. "Can't they be more original than using all of the parent-blaming stereotypes.."

    -There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay. Which is why I don't understand the use of the word "blaming" in this context. You only blame people for something that brought negative results, don't you?

  2. I agree with you entirely on that point, and, as a gay woman, I in no way think (or meant to sound as though I believe) that there is anything wrong with being gay.

    The way the questions are framed (granted, after translation) sound like they are going with some kind of causal-effect, the child is gay because the father did something wrong. To me, there is a kind of blame in the line of questioning.

  3. The best question would be "has he come out to you as gay".