Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We are the 99 percent

I was talking to my 8 year old about Occupy Wall St. and the supporting occupations that have popped up around the world. Then, we looked at the website for We Are the 99%. She decided to make her own sign and she asked me to put it on my blog.

In case you can't see it, the top says "Riche" (french for rich) and has a picture of two nicely dressed people throwing money up in the air. The bottom half says "poor" and has what she described as "ninety-nine sad faces." She said that she is doing this because it isn't fair that the rich people have so much money when there are so many poor people.

Also, you can barely see her face (which I told her was a requirement for posting this, as I don't want her face online) she is trying to make a sad face in the picture, but kept laughing when she saw the camera.


  1. sorry, niece. you made a calculation error. if there are 2 rich people, and you are trying to show that 99 percent of the people are poor, then you gotta draw 198 faces as poor. or you can erase a rich person.

    The more you know! and knowing is half the battle :)

  2. Nice, brother! Way to be critical of an 8 year old... but still, maybe she's not as wrong as you think!

    Maybe she drew it that way because the rich guy can get the nicely dressed girl from the "poor" group using his money? Then there are 2 rich and 98 poor!

  3. but arnt there 99 faces in the poor field?

    and how do you know the girl wasnt rich? damn sexist people always thinking its the man that will be the rich one.

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