Friday, March 2, 2012

My blog photo and white privilege

When we were sitting at the dinner table today, my 9 year old critiqued the image that I use for my blog... the one that reads "my Marxist feminist dialectic brings all the boys to the yard." I have this image on a Tshirt that I was wearing today. She read the shirt and examined it for a few minutes, then asked

"Why do they all have the same skin tone?"

I am embarrassed to say that this had never occurred to me. Not that I thought the image did have a racial analysis, but I didn't realize it was missing. The privilege of having white skin... as much as I try, I don't always notice how invisible whiteness is.


  1. Well, I guess if you're going with a Communist propaganda look-alike, that's pretty European (Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, etc. being German and Russian). So... are you going to change it?

  2. Mr. Awesome says: I didn't notice that either. It's funny how kids can be so insightful. Carl Sagan once said children truly ask the best questions.

  3. still very cool - we need more dialectical materialists with wit that are wit'it