Wednesday, September 26, 2012

no words...

Seriously, how the fuck does this even happen?


The minister for the status of women actually votes for a bill that will lead to the criminalization of abortion!  This is clearly who Harper chose in charge of my rights...

Also on the attack against women, I just found out that the university is no longer going to fund a coordinator for the women's centre.  Because we don't have issues like sexual assault, sexual harassment, or any other form of sexism on campus anymore.


  1. As a wage slave for a Jesuit college( hardly liberal), which has a very active and vocal women's centre, this defunding is sort of incredible. The department I work for (Public Safety)does alot of education for women about the issues you speak of as well.

    I've always thought of Canada as being progressive - Radio 3 CBC (one of my favorite stations) would be impossible in America.

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