Friday, November 27, 2009

Anything to avoid those "embarassing" panty lines

Because underwear didn't come small enough, now they have created the C-String.

So, who are these things for? Apparently, not too many people. The sizing chart says size small fits women 95-115lbs. Size medium for 115-140lbs. There is no size large.

One woman's testimonial says that they are comfortable enough to wear to college lectures. She must not go to my university... most girls there wear PJ pants, I can't imagine why someone would have to wear one of these for a lecture. I also can't figure out what kind of material this is made out of, but I am hard pressed to think of any way that it could stay in place and be comfortable at the same time.

From the website pictures, it is clear that women must be relatively clean shaven in order to wear this product. Normal body hair on women is a big No-No. It gives us yet another way to purchase yet another product in order to subject women's bodies even further to the male gaze.

Really, is there anything wrong with normal underwear?


  1. Frankly the C-string is a classic example of marketing genius! I seriously doubt an evil man was sitting in his evil lair one day and trying to figure out how he can make women feel worse about themselves. Quite the contrary, I think someone had an idea and figured out a way to create it and market it to make money. Is there anything inherently wrong with making money? Bravo to all the weird ideas out there that have taken off! Or shrunken down in this case.

  2. Is there anything inherently wrong with making money? Not necessarily, but if you look at how money is made within capitalism, especially when we are talking about large sums, there are many problems with it... I could (and might) write an entire post about this statement. I won't get into the production-type problems here, because i don't know much about them in relation to the C-string. But, someone is making money by playing right into beauty standards that make women feel as if they need to spend more money and time on their appearance to measure up. And if it was entirely profit driven, wouldn't they make a similar item for men? That would double their market!