Monday, June 14, 2010

BP Coffee Spill Spoof

Someone mentioned a spoof that was played on Canada AM this morning that depicts the BP boardroom with a coffee spill.

Like many people, I have been following the oil spill from the start with much sadness, but frankly, little surprise. What I am surprised and annoyed about is the USA vs. Britain mentality that I have seen, from comments posted after this youtube video to people arguing that the US/England soccer game would be a good rivalry because of the oil spill (which I first heard about as a joke on The Colbert Report, but the previous link shows that it goes much further). BP ownership is 40% UK and 39% US, so this rivalry is ridiculous, in my opinion.

When pointing fingers, we seem to skip right past the idea that capitalism as a way of organizing and the reliance on oil for so much of our everyday lives are more to blame than a particular country or political figure. I really can't figure out why so many people blame Obama for not fixing it, such as Elizabeth Hasselbeck from The View... would she have blamed Bush if this had happened 5 years ago?

Hopefully the environmental devastation from this does not affect future generations as much as I fear it might.

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