Tuesday, June 29, 2010

G20 police tactics, a compilation of videos and leftist news stories

I have been contemplating a follow up post to this one on how the role of the police at the G20 summit actually played out, but the more I read about what went on, the less I know what to say about it. I find it sickening that this type of police brutality happened so close to home. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the protests myself (even though I really wanted to), so I am just going to link several articles that I found about the protests. Any readers with first hand accounts to share can post them too, as I have been quite interested in these stories.

News reports Saturday evening said that 300 "anarchists" began rioting... however, there were more than 900 arrests so far. I am not going to show footage of burning police cars or windows being smashed, because if those of you reading this have seen any images about the summit, those are likely the ones you have seen. What was not shown in regular media coverage was that 25,000 protesters were there to oppose the summit in and of itself, as well as various issues surrounding it.

There has been international coverage on some of the tactics used by police officers. I found this video to be especially hard to watch.

This video reminds me of a scene from Braveheart, or a similar type of war movie. The protesters finish singing the national anthem before the police attacked

There is some really good information at rabble, Toronto Media Co-op, and Canadian Dimension, among other sites.

There is also a movement demanding a public inquiry into the police tactics, with a lot of information on this facebook group. This site is asking for stories on the arrests, such as personal accounts, in order to garner more support for this inquiry. I hope most of you become involved in this, if you haven't already, because if it happened once in Canada, it can happen again here and throughout the world. Without serious opposition, this type of policing could become the norm during events such as future summits.

Here is one last video, which describes the story of a reporter who was following the "black bloc" and suspects that much of the violence was led by police officers. I'm not sure that is the case, but it seems to me as though the police may have allowed this to happen.

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