Sunday, August 22, 2010

New iphone commercials

For the past couple of weeks, there have been iphone commercials playing on television that have been bothering me a little bit. In these commercials, a female has some kind of change to her appearance (braces / haircut) and needs validation from a male before they can be happy with their new look.

Yes, it is a cute haircut, and she does look good even with braces, but I just wish they could decide this for themselves without needing their appearance to be validated by a man... or even getting that validation from a female friend or mother (instead of father and boyfriend) would be slightly less patriarchal in my opinion, even if it were only on some of the commercials...

As a sidenote, I have had the exact same hair situation that she talks about... I went in for a bob and left with more of a pixie cut, but even with reassurance from various men (and women) that I know, I wasn't happy with it until I had time to adjust to the new look.

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