Sunday, August 29, 2010

A third post about body hair

It seems as though posts about body hair (especially leg hair) might become regular installments on this blog because I have had so many experiences around being outside in the summer without properly groomed legs.

This time, it was my mother who commented. I was at her house and she said;
I don't know why you do that to yourself (referring to not shaving my legs).

To which I responded;
You mean why I don't do that to myself.

It is not me doing something to myself that my mom is questioning, but the absence of doing something that, as a cisgendered woman, I am expected to do. My mom gave me my first razor the summer before grade 4. At that age, I wasn't doing it for boys but because women were not supposed to have body hair. I wonder how many hours I have spent shaving over the past 18 years. And how much money I spent on razors, waxes, depilatory creams, shaving gels, and moisturizers to soothe sore skin. It is something that is largely unquestioned by the women I know.

I am currently almost 8 weeks razor-free (shaved once after going about 6 weeks without prior to my son's birthday party at the beach). My legs are actually the softest (and most comfortable) they have ever been, no razor burn, rashes from harsh chemicals, or any discomfort whatsoever. That being said, I am sitting here in shorts debating over whether I should change into capris before I go out this afternoon so I am obviously not completely comfortable yet, but I'm working on it.

And I think the next installment might be a post about dating with body hair.


  1. I haven't shaved for years and absolutely love my body hair now. I was nervous to go out exposed too but quickly learned that most people don't even notice. And those that do just tend to stare, they rarely ever actually say anything.

    Good luck on your journey :)

  2. Thanks. I love my hair too... I tend to play with my leg hair when I'm bored. Very few people have commented to me either, but I do get the stares that you mention. It is great to hear that other women are not shaving too.. I know they are out there, but there aren't many where I am from.

    Also, I love your blog and am happy to see you reading mine!

  3. I don't consider myself a particularly enlightened dude, small town canada, upper working class, but I've just never had a problem with normal natural leg hair, with respect to girlfriends and whatnot. Even less so for people who aren't my romantic partner, because, well, I don't own their frickin legs either, I guess. What is with men collectively trying to own women's bodies anyway?

  4. That sounds rather enlightened, in my opinion.