Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I read some Marx (and I liked it)

This video was sent to me today and I had to post it...

It is a bit simplistic at times, but then I think that is to be expected when trying to fit a complex theory into song lyrics.


I thought I just wanted to pass;
Good grades were all I cared for.
My college made me take the class
More stuff for me to ignore!
But then I found out that
His theories weren't so bad:
Labor and class combat,
What a very clever man!

I read some Marx, and I liked it;
The friend of the proletariat.
I read some Marx, just to try it;
Hope Adam Smith don't mind it!
It felt so wrong,
It felt so right;
Men of the working class, unite!
I read some Marx, and I liked it;
I liked it!

There is a spectre hanging o'er
The face of Europe!
'Tis communism, and it's more
Than just a social hiccup.
A time will come soon when
The masses rise as one
To carve out their place in
The brand new poetry to come!


Marx is the man, he's working for you;
The bourgeoisie, they just ain't your crew.
Alienation of labor is bad,
Commodification is not a good fad.
The capitalists are greedy you see;
A shorter workday, now that's what we need!
I'm reading some Marx, and I'm liking it;
Rise up now, proletariat!



  1. Thank you for my morning smile (though I could only read the transcript and not watch the video, but it was good). Just one thing: I would change "men of the working class unite" to "People of the working class..." (well, of course).

  2. I can write a paper on feminist theory in relation to Marx, but I didn't notice that in the video. I'm losing my special powers I guess.

  3. I agree with thedelphiad! I noticed the sexist, "men of the working class unite" part immediately, and just couldn't wholeheartedly enjoy the song after that. ;(