Monday, December 6, 2010

Least favorite christmas commercial. Ever.

Here is my new least favorite christmas commercial. A group of women lying passively on fluffy mattresses in lingerie, singing carols while making sexy face the entire time. I don't think I can sing in sexy face, but then, I don't usually sing only in Ahs and Ohs with a few Las thrown in for good measure.

They seem to think it is clever because music notes and bra sizes both come in letters. However, as a musician I feel the need to point out that I am pretty sure lady number 2 should be wearing a size B flat (no pun intended).

But what I would like to know is whether La Senza actually carries sizes E-G... I know they don't carry my size (at least, not in their adult store).


  1. They do not carry sizes E-G - Trust me, I've looked! (at least not in any stores in Toronto that I have been to)

    And yes, this commercial is pretty annoying.

  2. I thought if any of the stores would, it would be the Toronto locations. That is the one city where I can actually find my size without having to go to the children's department (which I find weird, cause I am not that tiny).