Thursday, November 10, 2011

Assault prevention tips for men

I have seen this before, and I am pretty sure I posted about it like 2 years ago, but now it comes as a pretty picture that is being circulated on facebook!

I think my biggest critique is that number 7 should be highlighted... maybe put as the first or last one or something because, statistically speaking, it reflects the most frequent assaults.

I hope this points to how absurd some of the ways that we ask women to regulate their behaviours to prevent assault actually are. Reading this still makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time... at first, it seems kind of funny, the "rules" are so absurd that I almost want to laugh, but then I remember that they are written down here because there are a lot of men (and women, but mostly men) that don't follow these simple rules.


  1. I love this whenever it pops up on Facebook. I think this is something that should go out to all students at my university (York) where there seems to be a very high number of reported* sexual assault cases every year.

    * Of course this isn't a reflection of the actual number of assault cases, which sadly (as I'm sure you know) are usually not reported.

  2. Are you sure this was appropriate to post just before Veteran's Day?

  3. Anonymous, I apologize if you found the timing offensive, but I'm not understanding what the link is... can you explain?

  4. Don't get totally wasted black out drunk and then blame other people for the stupidity you get up too.