Friday, November 18, 2011

Jokes where men get raped still aren't funny

In case it isn't clear from the title, this image could be triggering for some people. I sometimes question whether I should include the image, because I don't want anyone reading it uncritically, but I also feel as though I cannot talk about it in any detail without including it... I apologize in advance if anyone is offended by it (I sure as hell was).

I saw this on a memebase site, and I just want to reiterate that rape jokes in which men are the victims are still not funny. The point of this "trolling" site is to do things to deliberately trick or annoy people, sometimes they are very funny, but they sometimes really cross a line.

It's simple, both parties should enthusiastically consent to sex, and that this consent needs to be ongoing. If one party changes their mind and the other continues, it is sexual assault. It doesn't matter why the other party changes their mind, just that they changed it. The thought of what this would actually look like makes me a little sick to my stomach.

Male victims of sexual assault have the lowest reporting rate because it is often not thought to be serious when it happens (the whole can't-rape-the-willing bullshit). This can make it incredibly difficult for male victims of sexual assault. Females sexually assaulting males is relatively uncommon, especially compared to statistics with women, trans people or children as the victims or male on male assaults, but it does happen and it is not funny. Let's stop complicated things... if any of the involved parties do not want to be involved for whatever reason, it is assault.

I also wrote about a similar "joke" here, but it had the woman as the victim.

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  1. Tell him you gave aids? What. The. Fuck.

  2. Excellent post!

    FACT: There are more men raped in prison in the United States every year than women on the outside.

    FACT: There are some human rights groups and inmate-advocate groups who attempt to monitor the more than TWO MILLION men incarcerated in the U.S. and rape is one of their issues.

    FACT: While you are reading this a MAN is being raped.

    FACT: For some of these unfortunates they become sexual property of another just in order to stay alive.

  3. I've always thought it was wrong for people to make light of a man being raped. Thank you for writing a post on it. I'd like to ask though if you, or anyone reading this, read the comments too? For me some of the comments made it even worse and, on top of that, they were commenting on similar jokes about a woman being raped, which they claimed was the original (not the one you had mentioned in a previous post but 2 others). Thanks again!

  4. I did see the corresponding joke about women being raped, but decided not to post it here. As for the comments, no I do not read them... I generally refuse to read those comments as well as newspaper comments in fear of losing all faith in humanity!