Monday, November 14, 2011

Wente, poor men, and the mancession

Wente has done it again, with another brilliant article on what is wrong with the world... or at least the country... found here.

In this article, she talks about how men in Canada have it so rough because of our "mancession" (when men do not have jobs, but apparently women do).

If you ask Statistics Canada, men have a slightly higher unemployment rate than women (8.7% for men, 7.2% for women in 2010). That is only part of the story, however, because when you look at the employment rate, men's is much higher.

When men are not gainfully employed, it is a crisis because "without work, there's no path to manhood" (according to Wente). I could go on about the implications on manhood here, but suffice to say that it must suck to be gendered as male during an economic recession when the only way to become a "man" is through paid employment.

When women are not employed in the paid workforce, it is often called being a wife and/or mother, or taking a break in one's career to raise a family.

According to Wente;
the biggest economic challenge we face today is not income inequality, greedy corporations, Wall Street corruption or the concentration of wealth among the top 1 per cent. It’s the increasing failure of young men with high-school degrees or less to latch on to the world of work.

Make up your mind Wente, you are confusing me!


  1. Mr.Awesome says: Everyone knows the path to manhood in Canada is drinking half your weight in booze and getting lost in the woods. You don't even have to survive the experience. That's about it.

  2. And where does hockey fit in to your account of manhood, Mr. Awesome? One cannot become a man without having one's body smashed into the boards by another man while chasing a small black puck across the ice so one can hit it with a stick. Broken teeth are a bonus!